document last updated: 2004-08-19
  About this project:

Irclibcc is another c++ irc-library currently under development. The goal of the project is to keep it simple but usable and fast. You can use this lib eg. for coding your own irc client or bot.

The network-communication part is based on rfc1459 (IRC protocol specification).

The Project was built in need of some network experience with C++. Meanwhile a more or less complex Bot is built on top of the library (cxBot). It is generally used for functionality testing.

It is currently developed under SuSE Linux 9.1; therefore it should work on most other Unixes.

Status of development:

  • Socket class :: finished
  • Server message parser :: finished
  • Signal handlers :: nearly finished
  • Config-file class -> xml (using xerces-c) :: finished
  • Logfile class :: finished
Remaining work:
  • Perhaps implement rest of rfc1459..
  • Execute signal-handler methods by callbacks
  • Implement ident-service for irc
  • Implement remaining signal handler methods
  • Cleanup code
  • Etc. pp.
  How to contact the author?
If you want to contact the author of this project you can drop some lines at nospamphatmaxx(-at-) please remove the starting part "nospam" and replace "(-at-)" by "@" and all should work fine (don't let email crawlers harvest your email addresses ^^)
  What does IRCLibCC stand for?
IRCLibCC stands for the implementation of a IRC library in C++
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